Our FREE Windows desktop story outliner, StoryCAD, helps you compose an outline from the story elements that are the building blocks of fiction believable characters, with meaningful problems, in sensual settings, acting in gripping scenes.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to empower every person who has stories to tell.  We provide tools that help writers understand story structure and improve their writing.


Use StoryCAD’s thousands of prompts and suggestions to spark students’ imaginations and keep their creative ideas flowing. No more writer’s block!

Turn Your Vision into a Compelling Story

StoryCAD: The ultimate, free computer-aided design tool for fiction writers

The Premier Fiction Writing Software

Craft your narrative effortlessly with StoryCAD’s intuitive outline editor for fiction writers. Our tool simplifies the storytelling process, allowing you to structure your story professionally and captivate your readers. Organize your plot, develop characters, and create a world that readers will lose themselves in.

Shape Your Imagination into a Masterful Narrative

StoryCad takes a pivotal role in evolving your story. Whether it’s intricately outlining your plot or developing complex characters, our story development tools assist in transforming your initial idea into a rich, engaging narrative.

Effortless Narrative Building

Focus on the heart of your story. Our intuitive system organizes your narrative elements, allowing you to concentrate on bringing your vision to life.

Personalize Your Process

Whether you’re sketching out a Character, setting up a Scene, or unraveling a Problem, our customizable environment lets you write in a way that feels natural and productive

Inspire Your Imagination

Explore every facet of your story. Dive into detailed Settings, craft compelling Characters, and tackle pivotal problems.


Craft with Confidence

Transform your ideas into polished, engaging stories with a tool designed for narrative excellence.

From Concept to Outline to Polished Story

1. Navigate Your Story

Utilize StoryCAD’s navigation pane to effortlessly manage your story’s structure. Like a dynamic index card system, each element of your story – from characters to scenes – is organized as nodes in a tree, allowing for easy visualization and rearrangement of your narrative.

2. Craft Your Outline

Transform your story elements into a comprehensive outline. The content pane serves as your creative workspace, where you can flesh out details from the broad strokes of your plot to the intricacies of your characters. This methodical approach ensures a well-structured story foundation, ready to be expanded into a full narrative.

3. Unleash Your Creativity

With StoryCAD, the focus is on your creative process. The tool’s user-friendly interface and supportive features encourage a free flow of ideas, allowing you to concentrate on storytelling rather than getting bogged down by organizational challenges.

“…One of the program’s most useful elements is its confrontation of common screenwriting and storytelling pitfalls.” “…Fully customizable and easy to use…”


“…Accessible and immensely helpful software.”

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