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by | Aug 1, 2022 | Writing with StoryCAD

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[The StoryBuilder app is now known as StoryCAD, the webpage links have been updated to reflect this.]

StoryBuilder is a free, open-source CAD (computer-aided design) tool for fiction writers. It helps create outlines that can become effective stories.

 StoryBuilder has a circuitous history. I originally published it as a commercial program through Seven Valleys Software, my small one-man side gig of a business, in the late 1980s. Several thousand writers purchased and used StoryBuilder to write (and frequently sell) their fiction.For reasons having to do with my day job, I could not continue developing StoryBuilder, but I maintained the program for years in order to support existing users.

After I retired, I worked on a complete rewrite, intending to reintroduce the program to the marketplace. With the realization that I’m a little old to start another business, we open-sourced StoryBuilder in 2021. I say ‘we’ because StoryBuilder is becoming a community with other contributors. You can find our open-source project at https://github.com/storybuilder-org/StoryCAD.

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of StoryBuilder in the Windows Store and to a wider audience. It is and will remain free. of charge. You can download it at: https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9PLBNHZV1XM2

This website has two purposes:

To provide information to, and communication with, users of StoryBuilder.

To encourage existing and prospective users of the software to become contributors and a guiding hand to build the best possible product. Because StoryBuilder is a tool expressly for and about fiction writing, StoryBuilder is also about the nuts and bolts of how to write salable fiction: it’s an education program.

We hope you enjoy it and will continue to visit our website. Pleasant writing!