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As of January 24, 2023, we’ve rolled out Release This release was late due to a number of issues as well as holiday and school schedules.

New Features
Expand market area to all stores
We’ve expanded our distribution to include all English-based countries in our Microsoft Store market.

(This was done in the point release, which fixed issues with AutoSave and the WebView2 runtime, used in our WebPage Story Element.)

Remove SfComboBox (#464)
This change results in the replacement of SyncFusion’s SfComboBox with the Microsoft ComboBox. This will make it easier for developers to work with the codebase because they won’t need their own SyncFusion licenses in order to do so.

Back out remove SfComboBox (#477)
We rolled back the SfCombobox replacement due to problems with the Microsoft ComboBox control; we were getting bind failures. This is still under investigation but we note that there appear to be quite a few open problems relating to ComboBox on the WinUI GitHub.

Purpose of Scene rewrite (#457)
Purpose of Scene was also an SfComboBox, because it allows the selection of multiple values (a scene should do more than one thing.) It’s been converted to a custome control based on a Listview with radio buttons. Since this change doesn’t depend on the Microsoft ComboBox, we’re retained it.

Revise Character Relationships ‘Create a new relationship’ (#458)
Previously, the list of character Relations (relationship types, such as father -> son or boss -> employee) was fixed. This doesn’t work, since the number of possible relastionships is large and dynamic. The list was made editable so that users can add their own relationship types.

Implement a Print Manager for printed reports (#157)
We added a Print Manager as a part of the Print Report menu. This allows a user to select a printer and specify its StoryBuilder print report options.

As of 11/15/2022 (with WinAppSdk 1.2) the Print Manager is available and works with Windows 11 but doesn’t work with Windows 10. We disable the Print Manager with a status message if the if the user is not on Windows 11. Windows 10 users can continue to set their default printer before generating print reports.

We’ll continue to track the status of a fix for Windows 10 users.

Codebase Cleanup (#439) (ongoing)
We’re continuing to work on refactorings to improve our codebase and will continue to do so indefinately.

Bug fixes
The following bugsd were addressed in this release:

Update Deletion Service to catch potential errors (#470, #472)
Track Version in .STBX file (#469)
Improve filename checking (#471)
Add system info to log (#473)
Remove cached deferred write (#474)
Autosave fixes (#476)
Fix to SaveAs (#475)