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As of February 9, 2023, we’re rolling out Release

New Features
ARM64 Support (#109, #481)
StoryBuilder now builds for three platforms: Intel x64 and x86, and ARM64. This supports Windows 11 running on ARM-based systems such as Surface Pro X.

Improvements to Conflict Builder (#484)
We’ve added additional subcategories of criminal conflucts and expanded existing category/subcategories with more examples.

Problem Category (#491)
We’ve added a new field to the Problem class, ProblemCategory. This is a non-editable drop-down list (SfComboBox) which describes the purpose of the problem in terms of story structure.

Unit testing / additional unit tests (#17, #492)
We’ve got the StoryBuilderTest executing test scripts from Test Explorer. It’s not yet running as a part of PR review prior to merge. We’ll get that added in the next ( release.

As time permits, tests need to be generated to fill in code coverage, especially for user interactions.

Bug fixes
Re-add Listview for Scene Purpose (#478)
Fix label on Setting Page for Setting Summary (#488)
Fix error when opening files (#489)
Ongoing and Deferred Issues
User manual updates (#487, #491)
Add write-up for Problem Category with screen shot.

Fix invalid markdown tag on bullet list items.

Add Next/Previous navigation.