by | Oct 2, 2023 | Release Notes

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We’re glad to announce the availabilty of Release 2.11 as of June 17th.

This release simplifies adding new StoryElements by automatically selecting (navigating to) a new node and highlighting the node name ("New Chacacter" or "New Scene" or whatever) so that you can key in the correct new node name.

The rest of the release is fixes, including a number of issues relating to the rebrand.

Added warning for if a story synopsis is empty but selected anyway Updated dependencies and story templates Update backup and autosave to fix issues and warnings if they fail Updated the premise box update the original story problem Updated right click menu to show keybinds and fixed node visibility Updated save pen to fix a possible issue Update key question dialog to not be empty when opened. Updated some text boxes to use the full space available Fixed issues relating to the StoryCAD Rebrand FIxed an issue where the cast list would not properly update Fixed issue with logging Fixed bug where opening a story from a different date format would crash