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We’re happy to announce that release is available in the Windows Store as of Monday, October 2, 2023.

This release contains very little in new features, although we have added the updated print UI (formerly available for Windows 11 users) for Windows 10 users as well, and changed node highlighting to be more intuitive.

The bulk of changes are fixes, and this is our largest fix release yet. Here’s what’s in it:

Fixed Crashes with Drag and Drop (#594)
Updated Manual (#595, #616)
Removed ability to create blank traits (#600)
Fixed an issue where deleting a trait would always remove the topmost one
Fixed a crash that could occur in the Right-Click Menu (#592)
Fixed issue where master plots could cause the app to enter a locked state (#598)
Update Packages (#601, #608, #630, #635)
Updated Relationships dialog to fix a potential issue (#601)
Cleaned up code and fixed warnings (#609)
Fixed title not updating properly (#607)
Updated change log to not show on developer builds (#605)
Fixed crashes in the print menu (#603)
Windows 10 Users on the latest version can now use the updated print UI (#604)
Fixed some issues with model loads (#606)
Updated how developer builds are numbered (#611)
Updated About page to show all StoryCAD Social URLS (#615)
Updated Readme (#614)
Fixed previously opened story page staying open when creating new file (#618)
Updated how node highlighting works to be more intuitive (#623)
Fixed issues with Scene Cast (#625, #647)
Fixed crash when navigating between two scene development tabs (#632)
Fixed crashes when searching (#631)
Fixed problems occurring when storing outlines in cloud storage (#633)
Fixed folder picker boxes in the initialisation screen not updating (#640)
Fixed issue preventing backend communication (#643)
Fixed duplicated ‘Psychiatrist’ role (#652)
Updated saving to save the model even if no changes have been made (#653)
Fixed version number not showing properly (#654)

We recommend updating as soon as possible.