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by | Jan 29, 2024 | Release Notes

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On January 20, 2024, we released StoryCAD 2.13.1. 

2.13.1 is a minor release addresses some minor issues and potential crashes that have affected users recently, such as crashes with templates and misspellings in lists.

Since you’re reading this post, the big news is already obvious to you: we have a new website! Although there are a few unfinished bits, our friends at Cause Inspired Media have done a wonderful job. We’re confident our new site will help us convey our messaging to both our users and to prospective users. Thanks to the team at Cause Inspired, and especially to John Darabos, who has made the website much more visually appealing.

Typically with a new release we announce a roadmap with out plans for the next release, but instead of describing 2.14.0, we are suspending our montly cadence while we work on a new (and, for now, secret) project. We’re eager to announce what we’re working on, so stay tuned!

Download StoryCAD 2.13.1 from the Microsoft Store: