An Important Note to StoryCAD Users

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Writing with StoryCAD

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As the creators of StoryCAD, we’re committed to offering a robust tool that aids fiction writers in outlining and planning their novels with ease. Our platform supports rich text formatting (RTF), enabling effective organization and visualization of your story’s structure. However, it’s essential to understand the specific applications and limitations of StoryCAD to minimize data loss or inconvenience.

Understanding StoryCAD’s Scope: While StoryCAD supports RTF (rich field text) for detailed note-taking and outlining, it can’t replace a full-featured word processor. The application helps writers conceptualize the framework of their stories, rather than serve as the primary tool for manuscript writing.

Recommended Word Processing Integration: For drafting and preserving your novel’s manuscript, we recommend using established word processing software. StoryCAD seamlessly integrates with Scrivener, a comprehensive tool for writers that supports extensive manuscript management and editing features. Our interface complements Scrivener, allowing split-screen editing where you view the outline while writing your draft.
StoryCAD is also compatible with widely used word processors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. We generate reports you can import into these tools, allowing you to reference your outline but still take full advantage of each tool’s strengths in your writing journey.

Protecting Your Work: To ensure the security of your manuscript, please use a dedicated word processing application for drafting and storing your novel. By doing so, you’ll not only protect your work but also maximize StoryCAD’s potential as an outliner.

StoryCAD’s Backup and Autosave Features: To enhance your experience and safeguard your work, StoryCAD includes built-in backup options and an autosave feature. Our two backup options periodically save your outlines and notes, reducing the risk of data loss. Meanwhile, the autosave function works silently in the background, automatically saving your progress as you work. These features are part of our commitment to providing a reliable and user-friendly platform for your creative process.

We understand the challenges and setbacks that come with losing valuable work. Our commitment is minimize this risk and to help you integrate StoryCAD into your workflow in the most effective manner.

Thank you for choosing StoryCAD as a companion in your writing endeavors. We look forward to reading or viewing the incredible stories you’ll create.