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Product Knowledge

The mission of StoryCAD is to assist fiction writers of all levels in their journey to improve their storytelling skills. StoryCAD helps with story structure and early writing stages and is not a text editor.

The craft of fiction writing is a lifelong learning process, but like any craft, the best way to learn is by doing. StoryCAD has many features. We provide several ways to help you onboard:

The user manual is instantly accessible as online help. StoryCAD also contains many pop-up hints and tips. And of course, our YouTube channel provides visual learning for StoryCAD features and tasks.

Writing (Craft) Knowledge

StoryCAD draws on a rich pool of craft knowledge. We are grateful to authors, educators, and experts who shared their wisdom in textbooks and online. Their insights and examples have provided inspiration for countless writers, including us, and our app references some of them.

Here are some ways StoryCAD uses these tips and techniques.

We encourage you to access the original sources to learn more.

Our Vision

To unlock the storytelling potential in writers worldwide, providing them with the tools to bring their imaginative worlds to life.

Our Mission

To offer a comprehensive, user-friendly story outline editor that supports writers in transforming their ideas into captivating stories.

StoryCAD for Educators

If you teach creative writing in a classroom or online setting and your syllabus includes story structure, consider our free user-friendly software tool StoryCAD. With it, your students will:

  • Develop their story ideas into outlines, sparking their imagination and creativity and iterating much faster than through repeated drafts.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of story structure, essential for improving their writing skills.
  • Provide a common framework (the outline structure) for critiquing and receiving valuable feedback in a supportive fashion. is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to help the next generation of writers to excel in their craft.

StoryCAD are built piece-by-piece from a set of main story elements, including problems (conflicts), characters, scenes and settings. Our documentation focuses on these elements and can easily fit any syllabus.

Our aim is to develop a community-driven platform that helps educators and writers improve their skills using modern software tools, contributing to a rich and growing literary world.

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