Why StoryCAD?

Discover how StoryCAD can transform your writing process. Whether you’re drafting a novel, a screenplay, or a short story, StoryCAD offers the tools you need to bring your narratives to life.

For Writers

The definitive free tool for crafting and organizing your stories, designed for writers of all levels.

Why StoryCAD for Writers?

StoryCAD is more than just a story outlining tool; it’s a comprehensive system that supports every aspect of your writing journey.

  • Intuitive Story Development: With StoryCAD, outline your narrative, develop characters, and build your world with ease.
  • Customizable Workflow: Tailor the software to your writing style, whether you prefer detailed planning or a more organic approach.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Use our suite of tools to explore new plot ideas, character arcs, and settings.
  • Community of Storytellers: Join a vibrant community of writers, share your work, gain insights, and collaborate on projects.

The Story Outlining Tool That Does More

Embrace the full potential of StoryCAD and elevate your writing:

  • Advanced Outlining Features: Utilize our dynamic outlining system to structure your story effectively.
  • Character and Setting Development: Dive deep into character creation and world-building with specialized tools.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Work with other writers, editors, and mentors to refine your narrative.
  • Access Anywhere: With cloud-based technology, work on your story anytime, anywhere.

This is Storybuilder’s story - what’s yours?

StoryCAD combines the essentials of story development with innovative technology, providing a unique platform for writers to effortlessly outline and structure their stories.

StoryCAD For Students

Explore our tutorials and articles, crafted by industry experts, to enhance your understanding of writing fundamentals and gain valuable career advice.

StoryCAD is more than just a writing tool; it’s a learning platform.

Embark on a journey of creative discovery with StoryCAD, where your aspirations in writing and storytelling take flight. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in creative writing, participating in an MFA online program, or exploring the realms of fine arts, StoryCAD is your essential companion.

Get Started with Ease

Dive into the world of narrative creation with StoryCAD’s user-friendly interface. Our tools are designed to support your academic and creative endeavors, making it simple to transition from concept to well-crafted story.

Visualize and Plan Your Story

Before you start writing, lay the groundwork with StoryCAD’s visualization tools. Perfect for students in the best MFA creative writing programs, these tools help you plot your story’s course, ensuring a solid narrative structure.

Track Your Writing Goals

Set and monitor your writing objectives. StoryCAD helps you track your progress, offering insights into your most productive writing periods – an essential tool for any Master of Fine Arts student.

Collaborative Writing Made Simple

StoryCAD is ideal for group projects and collaborative writing exercises. Work together in real-time, share feedback effectively, and coordinate seamlessly with your classmates, whether you’re in the same room or across the globe.

Expand Your Writing Skills with StoryCAD

StoryCAD is more than just a writing tool; it’s a learning platform. Explore our extensive range of writing resources, from writing aids to free online tools tailored for student writers.

For Educators

Elevate Your Teaching with StoryCAD. The Premier Story Structuring Tool for Education.

Revolutionize Your Classroom Experience

Bring the art of storytelling to life with StoryCAD. Equip your students with a sophisticated tool used in creative writing, literature, and media studies. StoryCAD transforms traditional teaching methods, enabling educators to demonstrate storytelling principles and narrative structure effectively.

Revolutionize Your Classroom Experience

Equip your students with a sophisticated tool that exposes the bones, the underlying structure, of their stories. StoryCAD allows educators to demonstrate both good and bad technique, and enables students to learn by doing in their own work

Educate with StoryCAD

The Pinnacle in Story Structuring and Creative Writing Tools.